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Campbell River Waste Management Centre (CRWMC) Changes

March 2013 – the CSWM service receives approval for the SCS Engineers proposed closure design plan including the phase one construction on the mechanical stabilized earthen (MSE) wall.

The MSE wall will serve two primary purposes:

  1. Stabilization of the overly steep landfill slope along Argonaut Road for closure construction;
  1. Provide additional airspace for northern waste shed landfill needs until the new cell at the Comox Valley Waste Management (CVWMC) can be prepared to receive system waste in accordance with the CS-SWMP;

Phase One Construction: completion of phase one will include a portion of construction of the leachate collection system, the final stormwater system along Argonaut Road and a small portion of the landfill gas system. Under the current plan, completion of the wall will enable landfilling to continue for up to five years including:

i) Continuous landfilling with minimal transfer of waste to the CVWMC until completion of the environmentally engineered expanded landfill facility at CVWMC;

ii) Meeting required provincial compliance, landfill gas system requirements to be operational in 2016;

iii) Significantly reduce risk of waste transfer to the mainland until expanded landfill is ready to receive waste per the CS-SWMP at the CVWMC. There is an estimated two years of system capacity remaining at CVWMC and without the wall and approximately one year of system capacity at CRWMC which was obtained through the Ministry of Environment (MoE) closure plan approval;

CR Waste Management Centre changes
May 2014 - This photo shows preparation of the MSE wall foundation at the extreme eastern edge of the Campbell River landfill

Phase Two Construction:  Scheduled to begin in late 2015, after approximately two years of landfilling is completed, this phase will include installation of two thirds of the vertical gas extraction wells, will meet MoE landfill gas requirements and, allow for final capping/closure of over two thirds of the landfill outer slopes as well as completion of the leachate collection system. 

Phase Three Construction: At the end of about five years of filling at which time the CS-SWMP landfill expansion at CVWMC is projected to be fully operational, the final capping/closure of the CR landfill and all facility improvements will be completed. All construction and closure work will be in accordance with the CS-SWMP, provincial and local permit requirements.