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Changes to recycling (effective May 19, 2014): The changes are part of a new Product Stewardship Plan for packaging and printed paper (PPP) from residential sources. Product stewardship or Extended Producer Responsibility makes producers and consumers responsible for recycling products they produce and purchase.

CSWM Recycling Depot Overview Video Links (outside links produced May 2014)

In 2011, the Government of British Columbia amended the Recycling Regulation to require that, since May 19, 2014, the businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to residents assume responsibility for managing these items after residents discard them. This is called extended producer responsibility, or EPR, and the provincial government has been introducing EPR regulations for various types of materials for the past 20 years.

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC), a not-for-profit agency, has been set up by manufacturers and retailers to manage the collection and processing of PPP materials. MMBC program start date was May 19, 2014. The biggest change that most residents noticed was that they are able to recycle packaging that were not commonly accepted in current curbside, multi-family, and depot recycling programs. Acceptable materials for MMBC approved depots. In many communities, the local governments continue to provide the collection and depot services under the MMBC program.

The CSWM service is approved to operate MMBC collector depots in the following locations:

MMBC Approved Recycling Depots
• Comox Valley waste management centre - 2400 Pidgeon Lake Road, Cumberland
• Campbell River waste management centre - 6200 Argonaut Road, Campbell River
• Courtenay Return-It Depot - 493 Puntledge Road, Courtenay (not operated by CSWM service)
• Island Return-It -1580-F Willow Street, Campbell River (not operated by CSWM service)
• Hornby Island – 3600 Central Road
• Denman Island – 5901 Denman Road
• Cortes Island – 1300 Squirrel Cove Road
• Gold River – 100 Hilke Road
• Sayward – 652 H’Kusam Way
• Tahsis – 1015 North Maquinna Drive
• Zeballos – 752 Nootka Place

Difficult to collect items such as glass containers, polyethylene film plastics (grocery/shopping bags),and foam packaging (ie.Styrofoam), will not be included in curbside collection but will be accepted at local MMBC approved recycling depots (Campbell River locations map and Comox Valley locations map). MMBC has the responsibility to ensure these materials are collected and recycled.

Non-MMBC Approved Recycling Depots
• Old fire hall in Black Creek - 2185 Regent Road, Black Creek
• Canex Recycling Depot - 1635 Military Row, Comox (7 a.m. - 9 p.m.)
• Courtenay Country Market - 5352 North Island Highway, Courtenay
• Quadra Island – 658 Harper Road
• Sportsplex – 1800 Alder Street, Campbell River
• Strathcona Gardens recreation complex - 225 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River

What to recycle

These non-MMBC locations will not be accepting MMBC approved material such as glass and plastic foam packaging (i.e. Styrofoam, etc). (Campbell River locations map and Comox Valley locations map)

The CSWM service continues to monitor these depot locations to determine impact and operational requirements with the implementation of the provincial packaging and printed paper stewardship program provided by MMBC.

Glass containers still will not be accepted in the curbside recycling pick-up program or at the non-MMBC approved depots. Refundable glass containers should be delivered to depots for deposit refund. Non–refundable containers will be accepted at the approved MMBC depot locations
(refer to question 2 for a listing of locations).



Recycling in BC


Multi-Material BC Packaging and Printed Paper Recycling Program:
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July 12, 2016

Changes are coming to Some Recycling Depots




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