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Power of R

The Power of R is an educational program that focuses on waste reduction (rethink, refuse, reuse, reduce and recycle). Our experienced educators tailor each Power of R presentation to the age, interest and knowledge level of participants.

What is the Power of R?

The Power of R program includes a wide variety of classroom workshops that are designed to be either stand-alone or conducted in a series over a school year or from year-to-year. The information and delivery formats of the program are continually re-worked to engage different learning styles and stay current with emerging issues.

Sessions can be booked at any time of year and can be linked into all subject areas and seasonal topics, such as greening your holiday season or starting a waste-free year. Teachers will appreciate the series, which is curriculum-linked and developed by a knowledgeable educator who creates memorable, interactive experiences with students.

The Power of R workshops encourage students to consider their everyday choices and how they have an impact on our world.

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For more information, check out our biographies of our educators: Gayle and Luisa.

Power of R Sessions
  • Suitable for audiences of all ages, from youth (K-12) to adult, indoors or outdoors
  • Useful to businesses and organizations interested in waste reduction and disposal options
  • Adapted to the BC Ministry of Education Big Ideas and cross-curricular competencies
  • Relevant to local issues within the context of the big picture 
Power of R Sessions Can Include
  • Place-based learning (local ecological, historical and social connections)
  • Project-based learning (stewardship initiatives or support for sustainable school or community projects)
  • Instructions on conducting waste audits
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • The link between consumption and waste
  • An exchange of creative ideas for personal change